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Introducing Kristofer Fisker by Jon Paul Kaiser x Hideki

We met up with Jon Paul Kaiser back in November at Designer Con and we had a great chat about our plans with our Hideki Project platform designed by Ken Hui. 

Having JPK work on your platform is a true honor. His work is truly jaw dropping and each time I look at his pieces I tend to take the time to look over all the tiny details. He always pays attention to the small stuff and it's wonderful. 

Introducing Kristofer Fisker. When he showed me what he did with this a few days ago, my mind was blown.  From his arm tattoos to the stitching on his jeans the details are a marvel to stare at for hours. JPK really did an amazing job on this brand new platform. The Hideki platform is nice and simple and in JPK's own words, "( The Hideki platform toy has ) a good mix of character but minimal enough to put your imprint on it. "

We'd love to keep this for ourselves but we think it's better for true art toy collector to pick this up and give it a good home. There's only 1 available. 

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