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The Brain Project public art show goes live in Toronto!

June 06, 2016

The Brain Project public art show goes live in Toronto!

Here at Mindzai, the human brain and it's infinite ability to imagine is the inspiration behind our entire company and what we do. On the surface, it may seem that we're all about fun and toys but we're constantly reminded about how important it is to practice that creativity that comes from our brains. 

Can you imagine if one day, our brains started to deteriorate and we started to lose our creative abilities, our memories and the knowledge that we learn? 

For now, Dementia is a reality and it's a devastating loss for people affected along with their loved ones. But there's some really smart people out there trying to overcome this disease and change the future. I really believe that this can be done in our lifetime.

The people at Baycrest Health Sciences have been focusing on brain health for many decades and we're proud to be a creative partner for their new art initiative, The Brain Project.

The Brain Project is a creative art initiative that has brought many amazing artists from around the world to customize these large brain sculptures. The sculptures will be found across downtown Toronto in a public exhibition and will be sold to sponsoring organizations or collectors worldwide.

There's some amazing artists in the lineup including Mr. Brainwash, Gary Taxali, Pascale Girardin and so much more including our good friends, Samara Shuter and Matthew Del Degan! Even the fashionable Kim Kardashian (yes...that one.) also makes an appearance!

The public art exhibit goes from June 3 until the end of Summer in August. For more information and to see where the sculptures are located, visit to find the interactive maps!

We'll also be participating in helping raise awareness and funds for The Brain Project by hosting a creative contest where you'll design your own brain! The winner wins a Mindzai DIY prize pack!

Enter the contest at

Learn more about The Brain Project at