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Mega Man Mini Series and Keychain Series Blind Boxes have arrived!

Ever since the first Mega Man game was released for the NES in 1987, I have played Mega Man 1 thru 9 and have broken many controllers in those 28 years. Seriously...the Mega Man series games have a difficulty factor of 11 but no matter how many times I see my robot friend fall down a cliff or land on a spike I keep on playing.

Vinyl toy fans and gamers everywhere are gonna love this! The folks at Kidrobot created an ultra cute lineup of characters from the Mega Man 1 game and I want them all! Mega Man looks awesome but I especially like the villains. I really like the look of Fireman, Dr. Wily and Cut man. They look great! and Dr. Light too! 

Mega ManFiremanDr. WilyDr. LightCutman Keychain

There are two different series. The Mini Series and the Keychain series. Both are awesome and they are both available now online and in-store. Collect them all and get them before they disappear!