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New Arrival: Bearbrick Series 30

Bearbrick fans can finally breathe as the brand new Be@rbrick Series 30 shipment has finally arrived to Mindzai from the land of the rising sun!

The new Be@rbrick series 30 figures are special of course. A huge achievement by Medicom Toy so it's quite fitting that the Japanese toy company make the 30th edition super unique. They cleverly turned the classic Bearbrick basic figure into a toy racer that you can actually play with. Simply push the button on it's belly to reveal a secret wheel, flip it's head upwards and zip away just like a race car! That's so cool!

This time around, there's some really great licenses and designs as well including Ted, the foul mouthed bear, Kamenjoshi band, PicoPico ( a sculptor/Kigurumi artist in Japan), pink leopard pattern, Gold Sparkle jellybean design and more. 

Of course, the special edition comes with other unique surprises too! There's also the introduction of the R@bbrick (or rabbrick),  a new rabbit shaped figure, a rare series 30 edition Bearbrick and other awesome secrets too! 

Be sure to pickup more than one this time around...with all the special features this time around this series is definitely going to be popular. 

Available online and in-store now.