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Website update: Mindzai USA is almost ready

In the beginning of the year, we told you about some of our major goals for the year. One of them was our goal to launch Mindzai USA. Over the past few months, our team has been slowly chipping away at it. We actually couldn't believe how many things there were to do. We had to do things like set up a new US based company, a new US bank account, a new shipping solution, product descriptions, prices edits, making sure apps work on both stores...ahh...so many things. 

We wanted to produce a seamless and familiar experience for all our new and existing customers. We are originally from Toronto so naturally, most of our customers are Canadian so most of you won't notice a thing. 

Starting today, if you are from Canada you will be redirected to our Canadian store at Mindzai.ca. If you are from the United States or anywhere else in the world, you will be redirected to our US/INTL store at Mindzai.com. Finally, you will be able to pay in the US dollars which is the world's dominant standard currency. 

Also, going forward most product shipped to the US will be shipped from Niagara Falls, New York using USPS without customs and brokerage fees. However, we don't consider this as our official launch into the US.  There's still a bunch of things left to do. For one, we're still looking for a permanent US based warehouse...preferably in the Los Angeles area. There's also some exclusive product that we are trying to secure for an official launch so there's that too. 

You may be wondering...why turn on the redirect if you aren't officially launching? Well, it's all about iteration and improvement. If we were to wait until every checkbox was ticked off we would never launch the site. There's some features of our redirect that we needed to see live and we need to collect some data as well to make sure that we set everything up correctly. 

Anyway, If you are browsing from the US, please send me some feedback via our contact page. Every bit of feedback helps us improve the overall experience.