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Exhibit - December 10-22 at Gladstone Hotel - Toronto

Blank Boy Canvas Art Exhibit

There's an awesome new exhibit opening next week December 10 at the Gladstone Hotel titled Blank Boy Canvas. Our friends at Watersource Creative has teamed up with Hong Kong artist Danny Yung to showcase his iconic character Tian Tian. Here's the exhibition statement: 

Blank Boy Canvas is a collaboration that unifies modern art culture and North American talent with Hong Kong’s creative godfather; Danny Yung and his character ‘Tian Tian’.  Yung derived his name from the Chinese proverb Tian Tian Xiang Shang translating to Everyday Looking Up. The 50 cm three-dimensional canvas has been given to selected artists to freely express, create or alter the subject while exploring the theme of infinite possibilities. This collaboration has been brought to North America in an exhibit designed to stimulate conversation about creative reasoning and the individual approach to creative execution and will be exhibited throughout North American and Asian cities in 2016.

Check out the amazing roster of artists that is lined up:

Talwst - Artchild - Rcade - Wysper - Peru143 - Janice Colbert - James Soy - Jeff Blackburn - Allister Lee - Justin Pape - CJ Hungerman - Gary Wintle - Emily May Rose - Jon Todd - Lovebot - Doug Brown - Jessica Volpe - Chris Dyer - Bryan Espiritu - Elicser - John Shook - Elisabeth Weinstock - Kyle Doodle Block - Angeline Chen - Nelson Dedos Garcia - Danny Yung


There's a great free workshop that kids can sign up to participate in. If you want to take part, fill out this form and send it in! There are limited spots available.

The project means a lot to us at Mindzai. We had the amazing opportunity to produce these awesome DIY vinyl toys that's perfect for customizing. The figures are 12 cm tall and were made specifically for the exhibit. You can now purchase the Tian Tian Blank Boy Canvas figures in our stores and online now.