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Mermicorno Series 8 Blind Box by Tokidoki

Dive in and explore the whimsical underwater world of Tokidoki's Mermicorno Series 8! With nine new designs to find, it's like a mermicorno treasure hunt! Open one of the blind boxes and see what mermicorno surprise awaits! You're guaranteed to find something magical – just don't forget your flippers!

New Mermicornos include: Jelly Squish, Splash, Isla, Dee Jay, Hermie, Searena, Marbletto, Shrimpie and a chaser version of Searena!

Each figure stands at approximately 2.75" inches tall. 

This is a single box. Collect them all. A full set is not guaranteed.

Available as a single blind box or a case of 8 figures when you purchase a case.