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Donutella Plush by tokidoki

Nom Nom Nom. How sweet is Donutella?? Very. I mean she has donut ears!

Grab life (and this plush) by the donuts! If ever there was a must-have mouse-shaped plush whose ears look like lovely strawberry and chocolate donuts, this Donutella 9-Inch Plush would be it. Constructed from carefully selected super-duper soft fleece by the designers at tokidoki in Italy, Donutella is a 9-inch tall, singularly focused plush whose main concern in life is looking adorable and cuddling up to you on those days when an actual guilt-ridden donut just isn't enough to satisfy. Pair her up with the Unicorno Stellina Plush and watch Donutella ride off into the sunset on that magical steed, a trail of donut sprinkles lying in their wake...