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I Have The Power Art Toy Figure by Low Fool - Fools Paradise (No Box)

This product is sold out / discontinued but may still be available on Amazon or eBay.

"I HAVE THE POWER!!" Every kid that grew up watching He-Man has proabably raised a fake sword and shouted this glorious call to the wild in their younger years. But now that we've ditched the Castle Greyskull Pajamas and traded them in for a pair of Jordans...this toy seems so perfect! 

HK Designer Low Fool of Fools Paradise takes on the 80's cartoon hero and meshes the world of streetwear in this new art toy piece aptly titled "I Have The Power." 

I Have the Power features exaggerated muscles, the sword you've always wanted to wield and a cool pair of streetwear kicks. It's simply dope.

Stands at a whopping 33cm ( 13 inches ) tall and is limited to only 398 pieces worldwide. 

Final Sale - Discounted due to No Box.