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Medieval Knight Iron Man (Deluxe Version) DAH-046DX Dynamic Action Figure by Beast Kingdom

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From Beast Kingdom. The latest DAH line-up is a new take on classic icons of Marvel Super Heroes with the initial release of the Iron Man DAH-046 and DAH-046DX medieval knight cross-over. The set recreates a classic design with engravings and intricate details of yesteryear, with the modern, aggressive looking Iron Man robotic style suit. The unique aesthetic is passed down to the abundant list of accessories, including weapons, effects, and an engraved shield! Under Iron Man's armour, collectors can see golden designed chain mail used for the figures suit. An led-light is featured in his arc-reactor with intricate detailing on the outside! This deluxe, DAH-046DX version also includes a Tony Stark head sculpt, long grass and a jetpack, making this knight 'out of time' ready to dominate any battlefield!