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Meet Mindzai's new mascot, Hunter!

Hunter is a three eyed raccoon and a stealthy ninja too. His third eye gives him special powers and allows him to see and do things that no one else can!

He can get a little mischievous at times but he can't help it! He's a toy collector just like you and me. If if he's on the hunt for a secret chase toy figure, there is no stopping him! Hunter will bust out those fancy stealthy ninja skills of his and do whatever it takes to get the elusive toy grail to bring home to his collection! You best believe that he's got a huge toy collection that rivals the best in the world! 

But he likes to share too! When he's not collecting toys for himself, he's got a side gig of toy bounty hunter mascot at Mindzai where he helps you find the best toys for your own collection at home. Isn't that great?! 

You'll be seeing a lot more of this little rascal of ours. I hope you enjoy him as much as we enjoyed creating him! 

Hunter Ichiban Pose
Hunter Chill Pose
Hunter Jumping with Joy
Hunter with Starry Eyes