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LUOXIAOHEI Camping Blind Box Series by 52Toys

The flower seeds lost in the sleeping forest are forgotten. Day and night change and grow naturally. In a hidden corner under the sun, a group of forest gumons in new outfits are using the power of nature to revive the forest. The sky is blue and the sun is very warm. This kind of weather is most suitable for going out for a walk and an invitation to go to nature with LUOXIAOHEI. The camping time where cute and happy are online begins.

LUOXIAOHEI is a cute kitten with a pitch-black body, created by cartoonist MTJJ. MTJJ created the image of LUOXIAOHEI in 2010, and launched "The Legend of LUOXIAOHEI" on March 17 of the following year, which is a famous online cartoon in China.

There are 8 different designs to collect and 1 secret figure.

Available as a single blind box or a display case of 8 figures when you purchase a case.