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Unicorno Series 12 Blind Box by Tokidoki

Unicorno Series 12 is here to bring joy and amazement! Ten special Unicornos have made their way from the Kingdom of Magic, ready to create wondrous memories. B-Baller for basketballers, Brekkie for breakfast lovers, and Metrocorno for city slickers - whatever you like, there's something for everyone!

Unicorno Series 12 include: Glow (glows in the dark!), Brekkie, Irasshaimase, Biscotto, Metrocorno, B-Baller, Blaze, Birdie, Nadia and Bambu BB!

Each figure stands at approximately 2.75 inches tall.

Available as single blind boxes or a display case of 9 figures. A case of 9 does not guarantee all designs.