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Akashi Art Toy by Dave Bondi

From artist Dave Bondi comes Akashi! This dope 8" figure is highly poseable with seven points of articulation, a removable hat, an additional set of hands, and replaceable eyes with heart shaped pupils. A mix of Mario and Mickey in one!

 "I love these guys and it just made sense to mash them up.  Mickey represents all the cartoon characters that I worshiped as a kid - Bugs, Daffy, Chip & Dale and dozens of others. They made me want to draw and inspired me to one day become an animator. I also remember the first time I played Donkey Kong and how amazing it was that a video game could be more than just a spaceship shooting a pixel. Mario had personality and you could make him jump and run around. I knew at age 12 that I also wanted to create video games. So Akashi is in a sense a "thank you" to them and also a bit of a self portrait."