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Gashadokutops Enamel Pin-Sulphur by Cereal Box Toys

Cereal Box Toys Go! Proudly Presents Gashadokutops the Pin, Modeled After our Upcoming Soft Vinyl Toy.

An everliving spirit of vengeance, Gashadokutops was born when its angered spirit awoke within its ancient skull.  Finding a nearby human skeleton to possess, the arms picked it up and placed the skull upon its shoulders.  Lacking a lower torso, Gashadokutops drags its body around hunting down the enemy who killed it long ago in battle.  Help Gashadokutops find its murderer by wearing its skull and maybe on its adventure with you, Gashadokutops will find its killer!

  • Soft Enamel Pin
  • Limited to Just 67 Pieces in Sulphur
  • 1.5 Inches Wide
  • Bother Rubber and Metal Locking Pin Stopper Included
  • Hand Drawn and Designed by Franco and Thomas Ferrara of Cereal Box Toys Go!


Shipped and sold by Cereal Box Toys Go!