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Hypefood Blind Box Series One by Fools Paradise

What if the most important meal of the day was just as much of a hype beast as you? This is what it would look like. Introducing HypeFood Blind Box Series designed by Fools Paradise. Each figure is a T-shirt with sneakers with the world's most trendiest brands at play!

This series includes A Breakfast Jam ( a play on A Bathing Ape ) , X vegetables ( a play on Kaws cross eyes ), Paris No. 5 Breakfast ( a play on Chanel No. 5 ), Heart Jam on Toast ( a play on Comme Des Garcon ), "BREAKFAST" ( a play on OFF-White ), and E Tee Soup ( a play on Supreme ), Keep Calm and Design Breakfast and LOVE!

Each figure stands at 11cm in height. 

Available as Single Blind Box or an entire set of 8.

Shipped and sold by Mindzai