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Kidill Cat 100% and 400% Nyabrick Set by Kidill x Medicom Toy

If you've never heard of Kidill, know that he is a fashion designer out of Japan. Hiroaki Sueyasu, the designer of Kidill, has now teamed up with Japanese toy powerhouse, Medicom Toy to bring us his Kidill Nyabrick! This is the first Nyabrick that we are selling to the public! Sold as a 100% and 400% set, the Kidill Cat will surely add a unique element to your toy collection. 

The 100% figure stands roughly at 2.6" and the 400% size figure stands at 10 inches tall. Just shy of the height of the Bearbrick 100% and 400% that we're used to. Get the set today. Not sold individually.

Pre-order now for an early Q2 2018 release. Date subject to change.

Please order by November 10th for a guaranteed delivery. After Nov. 10 stock will be limited.