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Mermicorno Blind Box Toy by Tokidoki

The cute and enchanting seafaring creatures come packaged in a mystery blind box, so opening each one is an amazing surprise! There are 8 possible Mermicorno to find, so take the plunge and begin your search for these beautiful creatures today!

Collect Cora, Corsica, Gelatina, Perla (Chase! - 1/30), Oceania, Marina, Marea, and Tropica!

A group of Unicornos were flying in the direction of falling stars one special night. The falling stars were disappearing into a sparkly sea, which transformed them into starfish while changing snowflakes into jellyfish! They rode the tail of a shooting star into the magical sea, turning them into enchanting creatures of half Unicorno and half fish. One day while following migrating dolphins, they discovered the surface of our world. Thus began the legend of the Mermicornos, rumored to only resurface during a lunar eclipse.