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Nahualli by Yahid Rodríguez - Single Blind Box

Nahualli designed by Yahid Rodríguez

The "Nahualli" is derived from an old tale told to Méxican children about creatures that made a pact with a demon called "Nahuales". 
While looking like normal people by day, the "Nahuales" could transform into various animals and cause mischief at night. 
A Nahualli is naughty by nature and drives his entire town crazy with his pranks! He uses his costumes to scare everyone around, committed to one day be known as the greatest Nahuale in history. His friends don't know whether to be afraid or just laugh at him, but one thing is for sure, he strives to become a real Nahuale no matter the consequences.
Each Nahualli is 3 inches tall. Mystery packaging.

A full case is 24 units.