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POP MART Surprise Box

Surprise yourself with the official POP MART Surprise Box filled with over $95USD worth of POP MART goodies!

Each POP MART Surprise Box contains 4 random POP MART blind boxes of different series and 4 random POP MART accessories that are not so easily attainable. This could include either a pin, plush, cup, finger skateboard or other surprise!

There is also a chance that you are extra lucky and find in your POP MART Surprise Box 3 random POP MART blind boxes plus 1 blister (chance of finding the one that contain blister is 1 in 12 boxes) and 4 random POP MART accessories.

POP MART Surprise Boxes come sealed so you never know what is inside until you open it up! Good luck!

Shipped and sold by Mindzai