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Akira Shotaro Kaneda Project PROJECT BM by Medicom Toy

Good and bad boy

PVC head is a real reproduction of normal type + goggles type by replacing hair parts!
-Various PVC gloves are included! The famous scene in the play can be reproduced!  
-Supports various poses with boots made of soft parts!
-The characteristic bike suit is completely reproduced with the upper and lower separate type made of synthetic leather!
-The symbolic "capsule & logo" is printed on the back of the jacket !
-ABS laser cannon perfectly reproduces the details of details! The sighting machine can move as set!
-The battery pack can be connected to the laser cannon with a precision cord ! With a belt for diagonal cliffs!
-For the body, special parts are used based on the RAH301 modified body, and both proportions can be reproduced and movable.
A figure stand is included!