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The Warbler Black Edition Ji Ja by Mr. Clement

The Warbler is the latest in the series of Ji Ja, a character designed by London based artist, Mr. Clement. This songbird figure comes in black and is a limited edition of 100 figures worldwide and numbered as well. The figure is a pvc material and stands at approximately 8 cm tall.

Artist statement:

"Since I started creating ji ja café and ji ja bird, I have taken a proper interest in birds, researching on their many looks and observing their behaviour. I like penguins, owls and swifts - but my favourite one is definitely the chatty little warblers.  So here comes the latest member of the ji ja family - The Warbler Ji Ja. Warbler is both serious and cute at the same time, his voice is bigger than his size for sure." - Mr. Clement.