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Unicornos Frenzies Series 2 Blind Box by Tokidoki

Introducing Unicornos Frenzies Series 2!

The frenzies family of unicornos is definitely growing! Twelve of the most popular Unicornos designs have made their way to frenzies form! 

So many favorites are here including Can Can, Lolopessa, Lily, Scooter, Cremino, Sirena, Cleo, Ruby, Margherita, Yuki, Pixie, and Cornetto.

There are 12 possible characters to find in this blind box series, so try to collect them all!

Each frenzie comes with a small lobster clamp and a hang loop so you can hang them wherever you want! In addition, each one comes with a phonezie, so you can plug your new Unicorno Frenzie into any standard headphone jack.